Shaping An Actionable Vision.

Looking at the people, places, and resources of the region, we’re working to define and refine clear, attainable goals and an actionable plan to get there. A robust economy that becomes a magnet for a young and highly skilled workforce. An educational system that meets the highest standards nationally. Healthy, safe neighborhoods with a range of quality housing options for all. A smart, green infrastructure. Public green spaces and a thriving local culture. A more livable, walkable metro area.

The Vision Specifically Identifies Six Goals Related To People, Places, And Resources

Our Region Will:

  1. Strengthen our robust economy and become a national magnet for a young and highly skilled workforce.
  2. Provide the highest quality education system that educates the workforce of the future.
  3. Be known for healthy living, safe neighborhoods, preservation of arts and culture, and exceptional health care.
  4. Be known for welcoming, connected and lively communities.
  5. Invest in efficient infrastructure that supports economic development, provides more transportation choices and reduces energy consumption.
  6. Value, protect and utilize natural resources to provide access to green space and resilience from natural disasters.

Photo Credit: Ben Semsich/Maha Music Festival

Photo Credit: Ben Semsich/Maha Music Festival

Guiding Principles

The following principles were developed to guide the regional vision and its goals, strategies and actions.


All individuals, regardless of ability, and communities within the region will have full and equal access to the opportunities that enable them to attain their full potential.


Public infrastructure and services will be provided efficiently and cost-effectively.


Decision making and the implementation of solutions in the region will be done in a way that ensures that all of the region’s residents have an opportunity to participate in the process, implementation and evaluation.

Local Control/Regional Benefit

It is critical that cities and counties within the region maintain local control over their communities while also working collectively together to ensure that local decisions enhance rather than adversely affect other neighborhoods, communities or the region as a whole.