Heartland 2050 Summit: Spotlight Session Information

On May 8 Heartland 2050 will hold its annual summit at the downtown Hilton Omaha.

The keynote speaker for the summit will be Katharine Eagan Kelleman, the current CEO of Port Authority of Allegheny County(Pittsburgh).

Register for the summit at this link.

The summit will feature four great spotlight sessions these include:

  • Focus on Food – Share Our Table (Too many of our residents live in a food desert, a geographic area where affordable and nutritious food is hard to get, especially if you don’t have access to a vehicle. This panel discussion will focus on how Share Our Table came together to tackle this and other pressing food issues with a regional food plan.)
  • The Future of Metro Transit (Jason Rose, Curt Simon and Emily Baarson of Metro Transit will share plans for ORBT (Omaha Rapid Bus Transit) they’ll explain other new innovations at Metro, demonstrate how its new app to track buses works and update us on Metro’s push to go green and get more efficient buses in its fleet)
  • Keep Tristan’s Light Shining (A panel discussion featuring Treynor’s Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 group. This is a student-led organization that includes community members which formed in 2016 after the death of a Treynor High School Student , Tristan White. Tristan was struck and killed while running on a gravel road training for wrestling. The group received a $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant. Members will share what they’ve been doing with the money to make Treynor, Iowa a safer place to work, bicycle, play, and drive.)
  • Transit Oriented Development (This is an exciting and fast-growing trend to create vibrant, livable, sustainable communities. Known as TOD, it’s the creation of compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities and often includes features to encourage transit ridership. During this panel discussion you’ll learn more about how TOD will be incorporated in the design of ORBT (Omaha Rapid Bus Transit) stops.

In addition, the summit is also APA certified. Attending can earn you 3.5 hours of “Certification Maintenance credits.” Here’s the link for details.