Heartland 2050 Hosts 1 Million Cups at Startup Collaborative.

One nonprofit, 75 North, is seeking to break the cycle of poverty and community deterioration by building thriving schools, recreational facilities, and other amenities in the North Omaha Highlander neighborhood that are designed to attract new public and private investment.

Othello Meadows is the Executive Director of 75 North Revitalization Corp. He shared his story at the recent installment of the “Community Development” 1 Million Cups talk last month on June 21st. 1 Million Cups is a nationwide, free program designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs with their communities. Heartland 2050 hosts the “Community Development” Omaha 1 Million Cups events every third Wednesday of the month.

Meadows talked about the Accelerator, a hub designed to spur innovation and community growth. It’s more than 65,000 square feet of interior space is designed to accommodate amenities that include a business incubator anchored by EARTH components (education, art, recreation, technology, and health), an aquaponics facility, a production greenhouse, satellite facilities, an event hall, and soul food. The Accelerator also hosts generous green space and outdoor programming that will become integral to the lives of families living nearby. Both Creighton University and Metro Community College are setting up satellites in the Accelerator to facilitate internships and collaboration. Even two locally owned businesses, Aromas and Big Mama’s are setting up shop.

It is this kind of investment that is meant to drive growth and revitalization in the Highlander neighborhood.

1 Million Cups happens every week at the Startup Collaborative. The community development installments are hosted by Heartland 2050 every third Wednesday of the month with speakers hand-picked by the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency’s Community Relations Manager Jeff Spiehs.